Click to Text Buttons

text button for texting businesses

A click-to-Text button or link on your website or email message makes it easy for mobile users to contact your business via text with a single click. Click-to-Text adds value to your business by making it easier for your audience to reach you while visiting your website. You want your website visitors to contact you and Click-to-Text button does just that by increasing your chances to convert the site visitors to leads.


  • Text Buttons temp icon for texting businesses

    Converts website visitors to leads

    Click-to-text button persuades website visitors to contact you via text message

  • Click to Text Buttons icon text for businesses

    Faster and easier way to connect with your audience

    Motivates potential prospects to contact you while visiting your website

  • Click to Text temp icon

    Different text message responses based on the time of the day

    You can program relevant text responses to website visitors, based on the time of the day to maximize your chances of conversion.

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