Meet Leo, our intelligent chat bot who can respond to text messages, perform tasks and is essentially the best virtual employee you can ever hire!

Leo never calls in sick, never takes a break and is always there to do what he’s trained to do! Leo understands natural language and can process incoming messages and provides relevant answers to your customers’ questions and inquiries. Leo can also perform tasks such as creating support tickets, make or update reservations, sell products and services, call or text your internal staff and more based on its training.

Leo can be trained to conduct natural conversation with customers and narrow down their inquiries to certain areas and provide helpful information based on the context of the conversation. Customers who need general information such as directions, business hours, information about your products and services can get help from Leo 24X7.

Imagine a prospect contacts your business after hours and is interested in making an appointment. That’s great, right? Wrong! You offer them to leave a voicemail but the prospect moves on and contacts a competitor. Never lose business to a competitor. Leo can intercept the customer message, basically talk to them and make a reservation on your behalf! When you go to work the next business day, you’d be happy to see an appointment from a soon to be a customer that Leo made for you!

Here is an example of Leo’s conversation with a prospect:


 message bot


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