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Genie paid a visit to Morgan, a business owner who had a wish we can all relate to. When asked:
What is your wish?
She immediately said, “I want to find sales leads constantly, without spending much money or hiring any more sales people!”
Genie said, “Wouldn’t you like it if your favorite store messaged you about a special deal on something like the beautiful outfit you’re wearing?”
“Yeah, that would be awesome!” replied Morgan.
Genie didn’t make it all happen for Morgan that moment, but he gave her the clue: Get in touch with your customers and engage them in conversations, then what you want will happen.

Customer engagement for businesses is key to driving sales. Special deals, product information, invitations, collections, appointment reminders and order notifications are useless if they don’t gain the attention of the recipients. Most people don’t pay much attention to emails, phone calls or voicemails.

On the other hand, text messaging among all communication methods has proven to be the most effective. This is because over 95 percent of texts are seen and read within 3 minutes of delivery. Nothing else comes even close. That’s why well designed and smart text marketing campaigns are very effective to spark interest and engage people in conversations.

So, how can businesses initiate contact with customers using bulk SMS tools?

Some services provide tools to upload a list of phone numbers (derived from an opt-in list) and write up a message to deliver text messages online . Using these services, messages are sent from random phone numbers that cannot receive replies. This is not effective as recepients can’t respond or call back.

Text Aspect: chatbot
The proper way to go about this is to use two-way texting services and send text message campaigns from valid business telephone numbers. People can text or call the numbers back and engage in conversations with companyrepresentatives or even trained chatbots. Chatbots are amazing tools for any business; They can conduct natural conversations with people 24X7 and process their inquiries to provide information, solve customer service issues and even sell products and services with no human intervention.

How to send text message campaigns from business phone numbers?

It is possible to activate the text message channel of any business telephone number, then send and receive text messages over business landlines from a web portal. The activation process is quick and easy and can be completed in a day. Once activated, text messages can be sent from a business phone number and recipients can easily message back or even call the number directly.

It’s important to note that effective text messaging campaigns include tools to measure the readability of the delivered messages. Unlike email messages, there is no way to know if a recipient has read a text message, unless they interact with it, by responding or clicking on an included web link.

Inserting web links inside text messages adds another dimension to SMS campaigns,  making it possible to track and identify recipients who click the links to view more information about the message. The best way to include web links inside text messages, is to convert them into tiny links. Each link is specific to a recipient’s telephone number, which allows for the source of the click to be accurately tracked.
Isn’t It important to know who is interested in your message?

SMS campaign

Demographic B campaign is more successful with better click rate indicating more interest.

Automated recurring text messaging campaigns are great tools to deliver personalized messages to mass audiences based on defined conditions. A programmed recurring text marketing campaign frequently scans through a list of contacts and picks a list of recipients based on the campaign logic to communicate preconized messages. For example, an optometry business can create a campaign to send special deals to customers who visited and obtained their eye glass prescription 2 days ago. The recipients can automatically receive a message like:

“Dear Peter, please come in and receive %50 off all brand name frames for your new eye glasses at the store.”

As another example, a home repair and service company can send a marketing/advisory message to all their clients delivering tips to drain their exterior faucets to protect against waterline damage when freezing temperatures are in the forecast:

“Hi Martha, with freezing temperatures around the corner, we wanted to remind of winterizing your exterior faucets and fixtures to avoid expensive waterline damages. Please let us know if you need any help and as always thanks for being a valued customer. Please see the following video for more information and stay warm.”
Appointment reminder
This example demonstrates a soft marketing tactic that ends up engaging some of the recipients in conversations over text that result in bookings for related or even unrelated services.

Remember we eluded to the importance of chatbots few paragraphs ago? See the following text exchange between a customer and a trained chatbot that results in booking a service appointment with no human intervention:

A well-designed text marketing campaign  like this may offer options to repeat the message in various forms to increase the chances of engaging with customers and striking up conversations that would potentially result in business transactions.

We covered a lot in this article. To summarize, intelligent text messaging campaigns are must-have tools for businesses to communicate important messages and marketing information to customers and prospects. A good bulk SMS tool should use business phone number and include modern smart tools like tiny links and chatbots to engage interested recipients in conversations and open possibilities of selling products and services.

Text Aspect is a unified interactive communication platform that empowers businesses to converse and conduct business with their customers via written messages such as text messaging and Facebook messenger with an affordable monthly subscription. Text Aspect  smart text messaging campaign and SMS marketing include all the smart tools explained in this article as well as detailed reporting and statistical analysis to help build more effective messaging campaigns to drive sales.

Market more effectively, communicate better and sell more products and services.

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